The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Betty Maria Waters

Now based in Spain, after living and working in 8 previous countries, Betty Maria Waters is a language teacher with over 30 years of experience in her career. She has now also assumed an additional new role as an online network marketing executive – combining her skills to creating awareness of various new, ground-breaking and mind-boggling ideas and products which she has become very passionate about – and which she believes – will also benefit you and your loved ones – if you only knew about them.
You will find Betty’s newly launched website at Betty seeks to make everyone aware of products that she fully backs and believes in, keeping up-to-date on medical technology, health and wellness, and education on the most effective ways of promoting your services online.
The first product she is very keen to introduce you to is the HEALY, a state-of-the-art self-healing frequency/resonance device that she has been able to use, herself, in order to manage and relieve her own sciatica and muscle pains – and to increase energy and wellbeing levels. Yes, your aches and pains actually do disappear -gradually albeit!
Based on frequency, vibration and resonance technology, the HEALY is not just another TENS machine but a more sophisticated device offering over hundreds of wellbeing functionalities. This technology holds tremendous potential as the future of medicine and Betty is dedicated to helping others discover its capacity to improve energy, comfort and your general well-being.  Surprisingly, Dan Brown in his book/film, ‘’The Lost Symbol,’’ actually alludes to this resonance healing phenomena – though not through a device. And in her website, Betty also notes the destructive potential of this new technology – as is also demonstrated in the film, ‘’The Lost Symbol.’’  Betty’s website does offer more  info on the (more peaceful) medical applications of this technology.
Secondly, ALOE VERA! How would you like to join the ranks of one of the most beautiful women to have existed?  Cleopatra!   Yes, it is historically documented that Cleopatra herself used Aloe Vera on a regular if not daily basis.  Everybody knows about the benefits of this magic plant!  But what not everyone knows is that there is only one variety of Aloe Vera which has the true medicinal properties.  As quoted in her website:

‘’ There are over 400 species of aloe vera, but just one has been recognized, for centuries, for its magical soothing abilities – the Aloe Barbadensis Miller.’’

This is the variety grown by Forever Living, the Aloe Vera Company which offers a broad range of aloe products (for internal consumption as well as for external application), and which includes their various aloe vera drinks – great for skin and nourishing to the body. Their signature drink is sugar-free and especially good for diabetics.  Aloe Vera helps you to rebalance your physical equilibrium, repair internal systems, and look and feel better. Betty is always on the hunt for natural health solutions and has found that Forever Living grows and uses only the purest and most natural aloe vera.
Rounding out her flagship catalog is Attraction Marketing, an online education company that helps both established and budding entrepreneurs to develop and implement network marketing methods that attract prospects, rather than relying on the time-consuming, often disheartening, practices of chasing leads. A revolutionary and magnetic system, Betty has seen the results within her own marketing and professional sphere and is proud to help others gain the insight and tools to transform their own lives and sales.
Originally from the Pacific, Betty graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, a Graduate Certificate of Education, and certification in TESOL – and never stops learning, always doing some course or another to enhance her skills – including carpentry. She is passionate about language and communication and has years of experience in teaching, tutoring and curriculum development. From 2005 to 2018, she ran an online teaching agency, providing native-speaking tutors for five different language schools in France. She developed a maritime English language course for a German AHT (Anchor Handling Tugboats) operator and taught their sailors (during their home leave), all of whom were located in time zones ranging from GMT +2hrs to +5 hrs.
Today, she brings that same holistic managerial style and academic attention to detail to her research and exploration of exceptional ideas and services to enhance her reader’s health, well-being and success.
International Society of Female Professionals Member Betty Maria Waters can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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