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Angela Maroosis is the owner of , supporting The Blessings of Subtle Changes that Honour Your Worthiness. As an Intuitive Channel, Teacher and Messenger of Hope, I have learned to allow myself to breathe in the scariest or saddest moments because they allow me to catch a glimpse of my true strength. These moments are the opportunities to remind each of us that we are worthy and capable. My biggest expression of love in this world is my ability to show up for myself and others. I enjoy supporting the creative energies of change and expansion in people’s lives. Butterfly Creations is dedicated to encouraging and equipping people to celebrate their uniqueness, through the experiences of their choices, growth, and worthiness. Quite simply, when you invest in yourself, you are automatically investing in every living thing. My YouTube channel, online workshops, private readings, and coaching are how I continue to reach out, show up and honour the gift of connection.

Coming in January 2022, “Showing Up. My Expression of Love!”, an autobiographical account of the life lessons of the healing journey. This is the story of rising above, growing, evolving, and expanding. Here is how I learned to see and discern between the people who showed up in my life for a reason, a season or a lifetime and the blessings that each deliver in very personal and profound ways.

Before the end of 2021 I am proud to announce the release of the Oracle Deck, What Remains. The Ancestors’ Wisdom & Blessings. This beautiful collaboration of original art by Marilyn James, my mother and gifted intuitive channel, and myself. The Ancestors walk with each of us, reminding, reassuring, and encouraging all of us to follow the path of living the most authentic expression of who we know ourselves to be. This deck is an intuitive exercise in reaching through the illusion of linear time and meeting the essence of pure unconditional love.

It was my pleasure to expand my writing and become a Contributing Article Writer for “MO2VATE MAGAZINE”. The journey continues and I am excited to collaborate with new people and develop innovative projects to further the positive win-win relationships and situations that life has to offer. I encourage you to check out my website and reach out to make a connection.

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Angela Maroosis