ISFP Press Releases

It’s important that our members are heard. When new members are inducted in The International Society Of Female Professionals, or current members have a news announcement, our team distributes their message across the internet.

Through our vast network of media partners and secondary channels, we’re able to garner maximum exposure for each press release that is distributed.

Our team of content specialists write customized releases with a keen eye for SEO friendly copy. This way, member press releases rank highly across all search engines. Furthermore, we offer a myriad of targeting options, this way members can select that exact demographic who will see their release.

Member Press Releases

Anne Leets is currently the CEO of The Leets Consortium, a global leader in talent development and leadership coaching. TLC was founded by Anne’s husband, Peter, and now proudly serves their worldwide clients as a woman owned business.  Over the last two decades, TLC has earned the loyalty of many notable companies by providing […]

Christine Logan is a celebrated children’s author. She began her writing career with poetry, at the young age of 15, and is passionate about her work. Christine draws upon her personal experience and finds inspiration in past jobs and work, as well as in motherhood and now grandmother-hood. She is known for a rich […]

Kayla Black is Executive Director of the American Prohibition Museum, where she oversees various aspects of curation, interpretation, operational design and development, technology design and development, hiring and employee development, and special events management, and outreach. Her tenure as the Director of the American Prohibition Museum began quite a while before the official opening […]

Sabine Maucci is a successful international professional in Technology with over 25 years in her profession. She has worked in Programming, Software Applications across business sectors, and has been a successful IT Manager, specializing in data management and business intelligence areas. She currently is working as a Scrum Master and Project Team Lead in […]

Fay Ghandour is Recruitment Specialist at Interview Coach on Line, where she offers consulting and recruiting services. She is passionate about inspiring young professional females currently in post-secondary school or graduating, and likes to help women to apply themselves and thrive as leaders.   Interview Coach on Line ( caters to individuals requiring help […]