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    • Title : Director Of Nursing

      Industry : Hospital & Health Care

    • Location : Boston,MA,United States

      Specialty : Pediatric Critical Care, Healthcare Industry,

    Biography :

    With over 15 years of professional experience in her field, Noelle Kohles is the Director of Nursing at Tufts Medical Center where she is known for her dynamic leadership skill and unmatched expertise in healthcare, nursing, and patient care. Noelle holds her Master’s degree. Moving forward, she hopes to network with likeminded professionals worldwide as […]

    • Title : Training and Development Consultant

      Company Name: M O I B E A U TY

      Industry : Cosmetics

    • Location : Long Beach,CA,United States

      Specialty : Global Sales Trainer | Learning and Development | Systems and Colleague Trainer | Sales Specialist | Content Development | Project Management | eLearning

    Biography :

    Melissa Selmanson is currently a Learning and Development Consultant; focusing on training, eLearning, and content development. Her current project is with All MOI Beauty. She is an energetic global sales and events systems trainer with extensive experience in managing, training, and supporting associates. Skilled in advancing sales and event divisions for Fortune 500 companies. Melissa […]

    • Title : Architect

      Company Name: Alpex Architecture, Ltd

    • Location : United Kingdom

      Specialty : ArchitectureReal EstateNew ConstructionDesign

    Biography :

    Laura Petruso is an architect at Alpex Architecture, Ltd. She fell in love with the field due to a passion for buildings and living spaces, and is known for her design and attention to detail. Laura earned her master’s degree in Architectural Design from the University Barlet and is a member of the Royal Institute. […]

    • Title : Business Owner/Entrepreneur

      Company Name: DentalX

      Industry : Health, Wellness and Fitness

    • Location : Toronto,ON,Canada

      Specialty : EntrepreneurshipManagementLeadershipDevelopment

    Biography :

    Anaida Deti is a Business Owner and Entrepreneur. She is passionate about her work and credits her success to perseverance, focus and hard work. She is looking forward to connecting with likeminded professionals.

    • Title : Director- Defense

      Company Name: Donaldson Company, Inc.

      Industry : Defense & Space

    • Location : Monticello,MN,United States

      Specialty : Leadership Communication Skills Innovation Defense Continuous Improvement

    Biography :

    Lisa Evans has been an integral part of her company for the past 14 years. As Director of Defense for Donaldson Company, Inc., she is known for her leadership and innovation, and worked her way up the ranks from sales assistance into the director role. Her focus on revenue, profit, continuous improvement, process implementation and […]

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