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    • Title : Innovator/Entrepreneur, Intellectual Property Specialist

      Company Name: MinnieMaed LLC

    • Location : Homewood,IL,United States

      Specialty : Innovator, Entrepreneur,Business Owner,Legal and Compliance support.Maintenance and prosecution of Patents and Trademarks, Supervisory, Management, Trainer

    Biography :

    Minnie Stinson is an Innovator, Entrepreneur, Author, and the Founder of her own business, MinnieMaed LLC. MinnieMaed LLC is a business of her very own innovations and patented products. Her legal and support background lead her to prepare and file her patent application, pro se. She’s excited to share that the United States Patent and […]

    • Title : Theatre Educator

      Company Name: Inter-Community School Zurich

      Industry : Performing Arts

    • Location : K├╝snacht,Switzerland

      Specialty : International education, Theater, Theory, Administration, Performing Arts, Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, Music, Physical Theater, and Theater History.

    Biography :

    Angela C. David is currently the Head of Performing Arts Drama/Theater Teacher for The Inter-community School in Zurich, Switzerland. She has been in this role for nearly 8 years and has been a Teacher and Trainer in the Performing Arts Internationally for nearly 20 years. Angela has worked in Lima Peru for nearly 4 years […]

    • Title : Chief Sales Marketing Officer

      Company Name: Emporia Telecom

    • Location : Austria

      Specialty : MarketingSalesTelecommunications

    Biography :

    With nearly two decades of professional experience in her field, Karin Schaumberger is the Chief Sales Marketing Officer at Emporia Telecom where she spearheads sales and marketing. Karin is known for her expertise in telecommunications digitalization and she spearheads a team of 20 international country managers. Karin holds her Master’s degree in Economics and Psychology […]

    • Title : Product Group Manager

      Company Name: CSA Group International

      Industry : Management

    • Location : Toronto,Canada

      Specialty : Product Management, Operations Leadership, Hospitality

    Biography :

    Vicki Maleganeas has over 25 years of experience in Operations Management. As Product Group Manager for CSA Group International, she oversees her remote team in all operationally needs for her term. Having started out in hospitality management, she worked her way up, through a very diverse career. From Hospitality, Automotive, Manufacturing Foundries, Aerospace, Federal government, […]

    • Title : Senior Spanish Lecturer

      Company Name: Bermuda College

    • Location : Bermuda

      Specialty : Educational Advisory Educational Leadership Change Management Organizational culture and development

    Biography :

    Dr. Andrea Lightbourne-Webster has over 25 years of experience in her field. As Senior Spanish Lecturer of Bermuda College, she scheduled classes and advises students in direction for future enrollment. She knew she always wanted to be a teacher, and followed in the footsteps of her mother and aunt, who were also teachers, and he […]

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