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    • Title : Executive Recruiter

      Company Name: Hire Solutions Group, Inc.

    • Location : Florida,United States

      Specialty : Manufacturing, Accounting

    Biography :

    Gillian Grant is an innovative and ambitious businesswoman currently working as an Executive Recruiter at Hire Solutions Group, Inc. In this role, Gillian helps generates business for her company by finding clients, training, recruiting, conducting evaluations, and scanning for the perfect candidate for each position. Gillian holds her Bachelor’s degree in History and is affiliated […]

    • Title : Director of Marketing & Communications

      Company Name: Limbach Facility Services LLC

      Industry : Construction

    • Location : Doylestown,PA,United States

      Specialty : Marketing and Communication, Visual Communications

    Biography :

    Angela is the Director of Marketing & Communications at Limbach Facility Services LLC. She is an experienced marketing professional with a tenured history in the A/E/C industry. Skilled in Desktop Publishing Software, Video Editing, Google Suite and Microsoft Office products. Angela continuously demonstrates expertise in Public Speaking and Organizational Leadership as well as strong media […]

    • Title : Partner

      Company Name: Spectranet Consultoria Ltda

    • Location : Brazil

      Specialty : ProcessOrganizationChange Management

    Biography :

    Silvana Bellini is a Partner at Spectranet Consultoria Ltda where she brings dynamic leadership skill and unmatched expertise in process, organization and change management to her role. She is also the Director of ASSESPRO Rio de Janeiro, an IT association for owners of IT companies. Silvana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the […]

    • Title : Lawyer

      Company Name: Moura, Bonato Sociedade de Advogados

    • Location : São Paulo,SP,Brazil

      Specialty : Law

    Biography :

    Caroline Moura Maffra has over 10 years of experience in legal services and is the Founding Partner of Moura Bonato Advogados. Their legal services regarding employment and labor law rights, including pension and taxes, as well as representing clients in court and negotiating on the client’s behalf. Caroline also oversees all office operations, human resources, […]

    • Title : Global Marketing Director

      Company Name: Pernod-Ricard

      Industry : Food & Beverages

    • Location : Mexico

      Specialty : Strategic Thinking, Marketing, Administration

    Biography :

    Daniela Via is currently the Global Marketing Director of Tequila and Mezcal in Pernod-Ricard Mexico, where she has been for the past year. With over 15 years of cumulative experience in her career, she is responsible for brand strategy, digital strategy and portfolio management. Acting as Global Marketing Director, she oversees global brand strategy in […]

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